Friday, November 28, 2008


Not able to get alot of pictures at this gathering-there are a few more kids to keep up with. Jaspers aunt Peg (the one in the red shirt) did alot of the cooking this year, because her diet is limited-it was very yummy and I dont even want to know how many hours she spent cooking......and bringing her "special" ingredients for all of us to eat and enjoy too..THANKS


Andrew loves to tease Josy (Jills Dog) here Josy gets to tease Andrew

Enjoying an after dinner mint with Grandma!!

Ok-so somewhere in the last couple of years Dad has discovered quite a few new concoctions-not sure of the names, but all are geared around health and healthy eating-I guess it made him feel better to read an "Alternatives" magazine after eating mashed potatoes, pie and all the other good stuff.

Tyse finishing up the second part of his meal-in a dog cage---