Thursday, January 19, 2012

I love this woman....

I know I have mentioned this before on my blog, but Jas has an awesome Grandma. I seriously think she forgets that she's not 30 anymore. I'm really not sure what her secret is, but I NEED to find out. We don't get to visit much but when we do she welcomes us into her home with a hug and greets the boys at eye level. On holidays she is still slaving in the kitchen making yummy food taste just right. The relationship that she has with her husband is something I hope we have after being married that long. I will always remember the story she tells about how she had been making potato pancakes (i think that's what it was) for 40 plus years and finally one day she ask her husband if he liked them and he finally admitted (after she had been making them for 40 years) that he really didn't care for them. Man I guess I'm just to mean because Jasper made fish the other night and it tasted exactly like typing paper!! I can't imagine eating it for 40 years and then telling him "um honey....i really don't care for your paper fish". Anyway she's an amazing woman!!
She got Tyse a birdhouse for Christmas, he has had it put together for quite a few weeks, but just this morning got it painted. He is sure that the birds will be fighting over who gets to live in it. I am terrible at writing out thank-you's so thanks Grandma for all the wonderful Christmas presents. Yea!! You think she won't see this blog post?!?!!? SHE READS BLOGS TOO!!!!