Thursday, March 29, 2012

One good thing about Kansas is that you never have a problem teaching kiddos about the seasons....they are very well defined here. Except this year winter, spring and summer are all in the same chapter. I did miss the big winter storms (school closings on KNZA) and huge snow piles but I guess I'll give up hope for a huge snow and enjoy the sunshine.

Awhile back Mom had this great idea (well, I think it was Gregs idea but since he's the favorite got what he wanted) that we would have family dinner every Sunday night. So....Sunday evening, rain or shine there is something yummy cooking over there. This has really been a huge blessing that we all look forward to. Not having to worry abut cooking Sunday evening and being able to focus on getting everything ready for the week ahead!!

Last week we flew kites afterwards.

Jamie told Andrew she was the kite flying champion and that she knew how to do lots of tricks. He wasn't buying it!!

Apparently this was a day they were getting along....I wonder when that will happen again?!?!!!

Lake, Fishing and Park....

Jack is loving fishing. He can now cast out his own pole!!

Sorry frog if you still wanted your legs.

This one shows alot of personality. Andrew and Jack working very seriously on getting some frogs into a pop bottle and Tyse....putting on a show for entertainment I guess.

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!!

Hunk a burning LOVE!! (Payback for sending out a e-mail of the fish I caught)