Saturday, March 7, 2009

Do you see what I see?

Yea, Green Grass!!
Mowing is just around the corner-can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


So we have had quite the "exciting" last few days. All of the madness started on Wed, with Tyse having a fever of just over 101, didnt think much of it (I think all of Sabetha is infected) shot him some Tylenol and thought we were good to go. Tyse wakes up from his nap and his temp. was up to 104 yikes, thats high-call sabetha family practice, come back and say to give tylenol and motrin both and see how he is in the morning. Fastforward to Thursday morning 3am temp up to 105-ok thats just scary double up on the tylenol and motrin-give ice chips, cold water and watch a tractor movie-good to go. So Thursday morning we head in to see the doctor and he ends up having the influenza, all I know is that there are 2 types, A and B-test comes back he has the BAD one. We get our 2 perscriptions for Tyse, PLUS Jasper, Andrew and I have to take this inhaler to help prevent us from getting it (FYI we all had the flu shot) Dr. Glynn was mostly worried about Jack if he gets it he will have to go to Topeka, there is nothing we could give him. So we decided that it would be best for Jasper, Andrew and Jack to move in with mom and dad until Tyse wasn't contagious anymore. Anyway, we were feeling pretty good come Thursday evening and all day Friday until Tyse woke up from his nap and had a 103.6 fever and complaining of a earache.............are you stinking kidding me.......I was ready for my family to move back in (I had just told mom that I would go and lay Tyse down for a nap and then come and get Andrew and Jack if Tyse didnt have a fever) the story goes....back to the doctor. They had just checked his ears yesterday and they were all clear.........low and behold we now have an ear infection on top of everything else. I think I have washed 25 loads of laundry trying to get any bug out that is still trying to live at the Frazee residence. I have sprayed lysol and used bleach water like a mad man. Gave up on my "green cleaning" for a bit- Im not sure that it has enough disinfectant in it. I have found a recipe for "green disinfectant" that I will start using.

Talking to dad on his way home from know, guy talk....big trucks, tractors and bulldozers its not the same when I try and talk that stuff with him.

I know you are wondering why I took my camera into the pharmacy. No its not Healthmart, its our countertop.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Challenge

Ok, we are always up for a challenge around here, especially Andrew-but todays challenge was Jasper against me. In the last few weeks, Jack has started smiling -so the challenge was to see who could get the best smile on camera.......