Saturday, February 20, 2010


So, I cook with butter-none of this immitation stuff....really it taste better with butter.  Jasper's sister doesn't quite understand this obsession, she has had me try that brummel and brown stuff  (its really not that good)  better for you maybe but not better. So as I was baking a cake for church, here's what I turned around to find.....he actually got mad when I took it away.  So heres to you Miranda!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


This little stink has been on a roll this week, especially in the evening for some reason. Here we are trying to climb up on the stove. Its hard to tell from the pictures that he is trying to scale the stove with his bare feet. One thing about boys they are very persistent, once the door came open and he fell backwards-back up the mountain he went...not even thinking twice about it. NO MOM THE BURNER ISN'T ON AND I NEVER LEAVE IT ON WHEN I'M NOT IN THE KITCHEN. I know they make some kind of protectors for problems like this, maybe I should check them out.

Hey, I'm old enough to paint too.

Never had any problem with the other boys trying to escape their high chairs, but somehow Jack can weasel his way out of about anything.

Sometimes its hard to be thankful for active children, but we wouldn't want it any other way!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

just a story.........

no picture here.

We had been tangling with Andrew about getting some "special" valentines from some girls at school. Teasing makes for a better kid right?!?! After he returned home from school I quickly looked through his valentines for some "good" (you know, the snickers and the reeses cups) candy that I could hoard away until I needed a chocolate rush. candy, but what I did find was something much better-a "special" valentine from a little girl. Keep in mind that when they pass out valentines in school the kids don't have time to read them until they get home-so Andrew has no idea that he even got this. I hoard this "special" little valentine away (in my pants pocket) that has "I love you's" written all over it. I'm almost gitty waiting for Jas to get home so I can show him and then put this valentine in a special spot so that I can get it out in about 15 years. Later I asked Andrew about it and then showed it to Jas, but as I was laying in bed that night listening to the washing machine, I remembered that I forgot to take that "special" valentine out of my pocket.......SHUCKS...........
fast forward to Sunday evening........
tyse had been busy making a few valentines also to deliver around town, so on Sunday we had a early supper and went out to distribute them. Tyse was so excited, had his homemade valentines in one hand and candy in the other...grinning from ear to ear......As we were driving down Oregon street to make our delivery I looked at Andrew in the back seat and said "Hey Andrew you need to take some hints from your brother on how to deliver valentines" without missing a beat he said "I don't have to go to the girls, they just come to me"

once again a toilet post.........

any female between the ages of 13 and 50 otta know whats going on here--thanks jack