Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Time Fun!!

We are thankful to have family close, especially during holiday times. Here are a few picts' from Christmas.

the little drummer boy

The learning has begun..........there is alot to learn about baby toys. Greg...its a pull toy, every kid needs a pull toy. He thought it was something to set around and look at.

new glasses for mowing in the summer....

learning to play booby trap with uncle nick


gotta love a brother in law..but when he takes his family and moves away.........its then that he will have a price to pay...:)

2 peas in a pod

the little drummer boy..once again

meeting baby livie!!

We finally got to meet this little bundle for Christmas. All the way from Savannah here she is little Miss. Livie.

Tyse loves his girls......

I can just imagine what Jack was wanting to tell this little miss.-just you wait Livie, when you move back to Sabetha I will have lots to teach you!! They just sat and smiled at each other, it was really funny.

new doo!!

just got my haircut-went from a baby to a boy in just a few snips!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

bumper anyone?

anyone want a baby bumper? its super cute, free, freshly laundered, and from a smoke free home. :) its one from pottery barn that we got for tyse, probably used for a total of 9 months. you NEED it for your baby boy!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 babies to late!!

3 babies to late.... oh, how i wish i would have found it sooner!!
heres to all you prego. mommas out there!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

good ole' hank

I got to make a huge batch of chili this past weekend for a Christmas party. We were wondering how to transport it without slooshing it all around. Mom suggested a five gallon bucket, it worked wonderful. Head on up to Hardware Hank, and get your self a cheap soup transporter. The lid stays on very tight. (you have to use a pliers to get it off).

not sure why andrew needs to look like a army guy in all of the picts' lately-