Friday, September 25, 2009


 Jasper has a snoring problem-especially when he is really tired.  i was out shopping the other day and found this for $1.50 on the sale rack-thought i'd give it a try.  its a "snoring extinguisher", its super easy to use all you have to do is spray once under the tongue and once down the throat before bedtime.  then if im awakend by snoring in the middle of the night, i get up and put another spray down his throat.....simple as that.   i had been trying to just plug his nose when he started snoring...decided that was kind of cruel-a spray of the extuinguisher down his throat in the middle of the night sounded least funner.  on the package carol said it saved her marriage, so it MUST
 really be a wonderful thing.  its also says on the package that its 15% alcohol--not sure what to think about that.  have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a new meaning.....

tyse just went to the cabinent and pulled out a "steam roller"-i guess things just take on a whole meaning when you have a house full of boys