Thursday, September 30, 2010


We are loving the start of Awana. Tyse wasn't to sure about it at first, but since uncle Nick is back in Sabetha he started taking him. Now he loves it and can't stop talking about what all he got to do there. Last week Tyse told Nick he would pay him 2 dollars to take him back to Awana. Poor Poor Nick...he might be stuck doing it for awhile.

PS.... if you have a facebook account I ask that you add the one and only.... Jasper Frazee as your friend. I am finding this quite humorous because he was forced to sign up for an account. You see, he is spending this Sat. running a live broadcast for Womens fellowship at church. He had to get a facebook account so he could send off the questions that the women wanted to ask. He was trying to find a way around it, but was unable to. I told him that he would feel really special because he would have at least 200 "friends" by the end of the day.