Friday, March 5, 2010

anticipation, anticipation

Be a watchin' our for a fun blog post, of a huge K-State fan who lost a bet to the Frazee family. The boys are looking forward to decking Timmy out in some KU gear!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Run and Hide if you see this crew comming down the street. I believe that they are replacing the gas lines (they wont come to the door and tell you). They will come and destroy your yard. A few months ago they dug a hole in the front yard, and I thought WOW if thats all they have to do to replace our gas lines we have it pretty good. Well, they are back again and up to no good. They dug a couple of holes and apparently they were in the wrong place because they covered them up 1/2 way and are digging a huge trench today. They are driving around my yard like its the Indy 500 (isnt that some kind of race?). To get up your curb, like the picture above, they will first try spinning out kicking up as much grass and mud as possible. If that doesnt work they will take a running start and almost fly through your house once they finally get up. You better be about done boys-I got some reseeding to do.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

happy belated birthdays X2

last weekend we celebrated my brother nicks birthday (single and has a great job). mom cooked him the meal he wanted plus she made an angel food cake with hard frosting (my favorite).

besides having a great job, nick is not afraid to have a little fun. he doesn't like to spend much money, but for the right woman he just might splurge. hes also good at training dogs. :)

and a few weekends past we got to celebrate my grandpa hanks birthday. it was complete with some yummy food. grandpa loves fresh produce and will usually eat whatever he can get his hands on (it will be even better when we can get fresh fruit and veggies out of the garden for him). He loves cherry mash, so cherry mash it was for desert. he also loves watching the boys play, and will usually call us by name when we come.

Another Tyse.....

jack was a very calm, cool and collected infant-leaning towards andrews personality a little more. as the days come and go, i think we might have another tyse (jasper) on our hands.