Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm not much into valentines day, but heres how the day went down. I got a couple of surprise packages in the mail...a brand new bottle of shaklee (its a good thing, because I was rinsing out my last one today at lunch)....and a label maker. Next to cleaning, I love to organize so this will come in handy. Who knows what will be labeled next time you come to my house. For supper Jas grilled steak filet, mashed potatoes, corn and homemade bread. It was scrumptious. Last but not least, this weekend when Jas and Tyse were at the store Tyse saw some roses and told him that he needed to get them for mommy so she could feel like a princess. He is sure gonna know how to treat a woman right someday....he's just so thoughtful sometimes.

Don't let this candlelit dinner fool you. Just minutes before this picture was taken there was chaos, fighting and screaming going on at the Frazee residence.