Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ranch Anyone?

I realize that eating as a family is very important, but its not always a reality.  When Jasper  comes home a little later than the boys are willing to wait- I try and tackle supper by myself, Jack is usually awake during this time which makes it  a bit more difficult.  Last night was chicken noodle casserole and a salad, Tyse loves salad and apparently ranch too-I was turned around for a millisecond and Andrew says you might want to check out Tyse (we hear that alot these days) he was squirting out ranch as fast as he could and driving a green convertable through it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hi, my name is Gina and I have (had) a cleaning disorder. Yea, I know it sounds wierd but I like to clean, its relaxing and hey- things seem to go a bit more smoothly when its clean and organized in our little house. I used to clean for simply no reason-even if it wasn't dirty I would still clean it. Those were the days when one child was there are three and I have found that cleaning is not as important or necessary as I thought it was and I simply don't have time to clean things that are not dirty. I struggled with this for a bit and decided that its really not worth it. Our boys are growning up to fast and I really dont think a clean house is what they will remember. No, that doesnt mean that I stopped cleaning cold turkey, its still clean and organized (somewhat), but its not something that takes over my mind like it used to. One thing that has saved me time, is sweeping the kitchen floor instead of scrubbing it after meals. One day I sent Jas out to the local discount store to get me a broom, he had strict orders to get a good broom made of corn, I didn't want a piece of junk, I needed one that would last and wouldn't shed the bristles all over. He came home with a corn broom, but every time I swept more and more bristles came out, and it really was making quite a mess of itself. We now use it for outdoors. So I was back to scrubbing. Little did I know, but my good friend Timothy Aberle, a dedicated member of the Sabetha Lions club was selling brooms (with all proceeds going to the blind people that make them). I was a little skeptical and first, but this broom passed the test-its AWESOME- and its everything I ever dreamt a broom would be. Thanks Timmy-ALL BROOMS ARE NOT CREATED EQUALLY.

FYI-The broom on the left is the Lions Club broom and the one one the right is the discount store broom.