Friday, December 5, 2008

A full week off.....

Jasper had the week off, it was great to have an extra hand around the house. Here are a couple of the things he accomplished.

He made a guitar for Tyse. Im really not sure who loved it more, him or Tyse-he was especially proud of himself for making it!!

No, this is not milk that they are drinking out of a bag............its white chocolate. I was going to make some chocolate covered pretzels and Jas decided that it would be fun for him and Tyse to do together............I went out to check on them and this is what they were doing. Luckly they were done with the job.

We had a fun week with Jas home all week, but the time has come-you must go back...

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Andrew was SUPPOSED to be making his bed-all of a sudden I hear "DRAMA" happening upstairs. I ignored it at first-we seem to have lots of drama around here. It started sounding a bit more serious than the usual- so I thought I'd better check it out (with my camera) and found this. I'm really not sure what he was trying to do-crawl through the window of the tool bench, I guess. We got all calmed down and Andrew back to making his bed. I head down to start supper and all of a sudden I hear Andrew yell this...Tyse your going to kill yourself...I run up the stairs as fast as I can (at 35 weeks pregnant, not a pretty sight) And I find Tyse trying the same thing......Oh Dear......are you serious....did you not just see your brothers problems when he tried this trick? You know Tyse was thinking just like any other man---Im going to try the exact same thing and hopefully get a different outcome...:) Love these Boys!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

LET IT SNOW..........

Andrew was much more excited than Jas or I when he woke up this weekend to find snow outside....Tyse quickly learned that he didn't want to miss out either.  I'm afraid that winter is here- although it is supposed to get up to 54 today (35 tomorrow and more snow)