Monday, August 31, 2009

we're back!!

yea, i know its been a long time. we lost our camera, so no picts. until we get a new one....hopefully soon. since last post, andrew has started 2nd grade and my oh my was i ready for him to go. if you look around you will see moms moping around crying like they lost their dog, cat or best friend....not me, i was ready, he was ready, see ya!! no really, when you know that he loves school, has an awesome teacher, whats not to look forward to. jack has been sitting up for awhile now and has been crawling for alittle over a week. tyse, hmmmm-he just put gum in his hair :)

this is a post that i have been wanting to write...well since the day it happened. it was our annivarsary and jas and i were headed to topeka-no boys just do some school shopping. had a great time-of peace and quite. got home about 7, calmed the boys down put them to bed and started cleaning up a bit. noticed the carbon monoxide detector was laying on the end table, so i called mom up (she was the sitter) and asked her why the detector was laying on the end table. oh yea, she said she forgot to tell us that the "fire alarm" went off, it was down in the basement and andrew had told her that it always goes off (ok i do forget about supper once in a while, but not that often) then i preceded to tell her that it was not a fire alarm, it was a carbon monoxide detector. she said it went off about an hour after we left-----yikes thats not good. jasper put the batteries in and took it down to the basement to do a test and sure enough we had a carbon monoxide leak. he then brought it upstairs and tested..yep carbon monoxide up there too. to make a long story shorter we knew it had to be coming from the hot water heater so we shut it off and opened all the windows and slept peacefully..well, everyone except for me, i was up and about checking on the boys once in a while to make sure they were still breathing. that night jas found where it was leaking, through a rusted pipe, and made it good as new the next morning. FYI, once your alarm goes off you need to get a new one because it will get so much carbon monoxide in it and the detector still thinks its there, so it will keep going off although your air is clear (thanks to the sabetha fire department for that tid-bit). i can still remember when we were standing in wal-mart deciding if we should get one-do we really need one...i mean seriously would we ever really need it? thank God we got one!!