Friday, September 18, 2009


andrew loves to mow, if you ask him he would probably tell you otherwise but he really is good at it and gets the lines just right.  tyse on the other hand, not sure he will be quite the perfectionist, but hes giving it a shot!!

my helper

a few weeks ago my sister started helping me during the day with the kids. she loves to help make lunch, fold laundry and read books. the kids always look forward to her coming because she will pick up feathers that she finds on her walk here!! thanks for all your help jill!! here she is making turkey sandwiches to take to the park for a picnic.

a growin' and a growin'

little jack is growing up so fast!! he is turning into quite the little monkey. he was so proud of himself for climbing up on the tub of toys.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hot Wheel FUN!!

Tyse and Jacks new favorite activity.  Notice how dirty they are-that's how we wager whether it was a good day or not!!  It was a fun day!!

GoOd OlE' aLBaNy DaYs!!

Who ever dreamed that we would be taking 3 boys to albany days. I loved it when I was little, and the boys thought it was great too!!

grinding corn up into chicken feed

standing by an old steam tractor

pure heaven for tyse!!

apparently andrew was running off with some friends, because i had no picts' of him :(