Thursday, January 13, 2011

guest have a post in the next couple of days

If you pay an AT&T bill every month you wont want to miss this guest blogger. Every time I look at the AT&T bill I want to scream. Up until a few years ago I never actually looked to see what I was paying for on my bill, I just wrote the check and sent it out. Next time you get your bill look at it. Seriously, do we really need....highway tax, shoe tying tax, fingernail tax, sewer tax on a PHONE bill? Ok, Ok it's not really that bad-we aren't ones to talk on the phone much and Jas has a cell phone through work so paying $150.00 a month seemed a bit high. I thought it would only be appropriate for my guest to share their new found wisdom with my blogging friends....even if your a sneaky snake reader, feel free to call AT&T and tell them to "hit the road" like we did. It doesn't have anything to do with getting a cell phone-I don't want a cell phone and never intend to have one.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day #3

Country folk must really be drifted in, because it doesn't seem bad at all in town. Anyway, who knew how much fun colored water in a squirt bottle could be.

Jack isn't much interested in playing in the snow, when he starts getting the slightest bit cold he's done. If he'd keep his gloves on it might help, but try telling a 2 year old that. :(

Andrew thought it would be a good idea to spray yellow around every tree in the neighborhood.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow day

We are enjoying snow day #2. It has been a nice fluffy snow and the boys (well, mostly Tyse) have spent quite a bit of time outside. I'm sure in a couple of months that I will be ready to see it go bye, bye but for now I actually like it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

7 rules for dating my son....

.... by Phil Callaway. I found this in a magazine I was reading.

Have you noticed that girls are chasing boys now? Just the other day, one called looking for my son. I asked, "Is this Christy, Britney or Sarah? There are so many of you, I get you all mixed up."
Believe me, this works. Go ahead and try it. Since my son is receiving calls from lovely girls who will make fine wives for someone in 20-30 years, I have decided to issue a short edict to help them out. Later today I will be posting it on the front door with an electric staple gun.

--If you would like to talk with my son, please do so in the church foyer. Bring your Bible.
--If you call my house to talk with my son, your conversation may be monitored by a customer service representative.
--My son cannot use my minivan to drive you to a mall. He has a bicycle. You may ride on the handlebars.
--Please do not touch my son. Do not lean against him unless you are falling over and are in danger of plunging from a cliff. Do not even pull lint from his ear. He can do this himself.
--I am aware that it is considered fashionable for girls your age to wear Fergie-style "shirts" that do not reach their low-slug pants. My wife and I want to be fair and open-minded about this, so you are free to show up in such attire. My wife will affix it properly to your body with a glue gun.
--Above all else, remember that we've been praying for this boy since God gave him breath, and we will continue to. When he chooses a godly girl, we will be overwhelmed with joy. Until then, we'll pray you'll chase Jesus first and watch everything else fall into place.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

bedtime serenade

Not just anyone can say they get a sweet bedtime serenade. We were getting ready to head to bed on Sat. night when a singing crew started tapping at our door. It was very nice of them to get out in this cold weather to sing "THE OLD GREY MARE." What a great choice of song.