Friday, July 9, 2010

last regular season game....

what a fun year of baseball it has been. at least i thought it was fun, andrew informed us on the way to the game he was not going to sign up next year. we'll see if hes singing the same tune when sign-up time comes around in the spring. if so it will just be tyse in t-ball, that otta be a good time.

team huddle

dennis went out of his way every year to provide metals for all the players. each metal had their name and something "special" that they accomplished throughout the course of the season.

jasper and dennis. a very important discussion im sure. i remember when andrew was first on dennis' team 3 years ago. dennis called and introduced himself, said his name was dennis(included his last name, but should prolly leave that out for privacy reasons) and that he was going to be andrews baseball coach. i thought who in the world is this dennis guy, never heard of the guy, and everyone i talked to had no clue who he was either. turned out that he was an awesome coach for andrew for the last 3 years.

after the game i found this picture on the camera, i asked andrew what it was and he said it was a picture that he took of the inside of his ear. (he was in tears after the game because of a earache, which probably explains all the the talk about not going out next year) anyway, better call the doc...that is some serious redness.