Friday, March 27, 2009



Ok so today was an interesting day. I got this phone call from a lovely lady that said that our debit card had been used by a third party and that we needed to reactivate it in order to use it. To be able to reactivate it we needed to punch in our number and then provide 3 pieces of identification. A little fishy I thought. I hung up and called our bank, I had seen on our banks webpage not to give out numbers via test message or e-mail, but thought if it was a phone call mabe it was legit (who would try and take advantage of this nice family) when I called they told me that they had received hundreds of calls today of this same phone message-what idiots to try and take advantage of people like this. I had read in the newspaper that people had been receiving calls and emails like this but you know, its not going to happen to you. Jasper says it happens all the time in the e-mail world. I really had no clue-I was lucky that Jasper had the debit card or I would have probably punched in the numbers. It made me really mad that some BIG MEANIE would try and do such a thing to an innocent person like myself. Anyway HAPPY FRIDAY.

3 months already?

Well not quite 3 months-just a week shy. Mr. Jack Ryan is the best baby ever-very calm and just seems to wait his turn. For a couple of months he was going to bed around 9 or 10 and getting up at 1:00 and 5:00 which was pretty good in our book-Jas would get up at 1 and I would get up at 5 and just stay up for the day. For a couple of weeks now he has been going to bed between 7 or 8 and getting up only at 2 to eat a couple of ounces. Since he is getting up on Jaspers time shift he has been the only one getting up-granted I have to give him a swift kick to wake up but he has been doing it. YEA-its awesome to get a great nights sleep!! We were talking about when we would get up with Andrew when he was little, we would turn all the lights on and just chat away with him (we would be up for hours each time) now with the third comes a bit more experience-get up, feed, change diaper, go back to bed simple as that. Poor Tyse and Jack, no entertainment for you in the middle of the night!!!! Thanks for the good nights sleep Jasper Ryan Frazee-Your Awesome!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A bit small I do believe

Tyse loves to try and wear Jacks clothes. On this partictular day he thought he would put a pair of Jacks sweats on-he was pretty proud of himself. What a GOOF.

On a side note, because I know all of you are loosing sleep wondering-Jasper has eaten all of his veggies this week!! Good for you sugar-your on your way to a healthier lifestyle!!