Saturday, March 21, 2009

EaT YoUr VeGgIeS!!

OK, so I started making Jaspers lunch to take to work mostly so he doesn't go to the Bern cafe everyday, and also its a bit healthier. When I make a meal I try and include all of the food groups-Jasper on the other hand is happy with a burger and chips (which is fine once in a while, but not 24/7 when your trying to teach your boys healthy eating habits). On Friday this is what his lunch box looked like when he came home----------yep he didnt eat the carrots-----------they are baby carrots for pitty sakes!! Its not like I just threw a big ole carrot in there with the skin on and everything-they were sweet crunchy baby carrots-next time I will put some ranch in his lunch box, that helps the boys eat them!!

He got this lunch box as a gift from work we both made fun of it at first, but it is quite a handy deal!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Childrens Museum

Last weekend, we decided we needed to go and visit Jaspers sister in Lincoln, before they move across the country again and we have to spend an arm and a leg just to get there. While we were there we visited the Childrens Museum-what great fun the cousins had.

Tyse in the BIG RIG

If Miranda has another baby, he will be lucky to survive!! Just kidding, we love you Kiley!!

Andrew making beautiful music!!

Eli and Andrew in an air traffic control room.

Tyse peeking up through a gopher hole.

Tyse in heaven!!

A huge chair.

Bonding with Uncle Nick

Andrew at the Airplane museum in Topeka with uncle Nick!! What great fun they had. They must have had a great tour guide because Andrew came home with alot of new information!!