Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In search of the best sippy cup...........

The searching has finally ended. We have been in search for the best sippy cup for.......well since Andrew was ready for one, over seven years ago. My kids aren't really "sippy cup kids" but they are nice to have once in a while. I've seen some kids get really attached to it, but we mostly use it for in the car or at restaurants. Its not that I never wanted them to get attached to it, they just never did. I guess they would rather use a cup and a straw, (by the way the best way to learn to use a straw is with a box of juicy, juice they will catch on quickly-Jack loves it) Anyway, there always seemed to be something we didn't like about it- either there were to many pieces to clean, or if you couldnt get them completely clean they would mold, (ewww) or the mouth piece was to hard, or they would leak....something. Well here it is, Dr. Brown has come through again (making the best bottles too) to make the best sippy cup. After I bought it I took it apart to clean, after putting it back together I turned it upside down and it leaked. Apparently
I had it put together wrong, because I was about to throw it away and decided to move the inside piece around and WooLaa..........we got a soft mouth pieced no leak sippy cup.