Thursday, August 18, 2011

AND HE'S OFF..........

He's not one to make much of a fuss about the first day of school. Didn't have any clothes picked out....didn't wake up was like a normal morning. He does love school and everything that goes with being in the.... FOURTH GRADE....WHAT THE HECK? 4TH GRADE?......

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Branson 2011

It was fun to take a family vacation to Branson--no diapers and no bottles-the first time in 11 years. We went a few months ago-I wanted to go somewhere fairly close and remembered going to Branson as a you know how it is....we want our kids to experience the same stuff that we did as kids. Jamie is an organizer freak-she made us out a whole booklet of what do to and good places to eat....we would have been lost with out it. Here are some picts'

Here is a picture of the first time Tyse ask if we were almost there. We were between Sabetha and Fairview.

Their first experience with Krispy Kreme. mmmm...

Nick A. Im sure that you don't read this, but Jas took this picure for you (Timmy you can tell him about it)

You gotta get a pickle at SDC before riding on the train.

You know how the shows are....they take pictures before you go in and then when you come out they want you to buy them for a couple grand. Well, I'm pretty sure these are just as good and cost MUCH less.


We were a little hesitant to buy any show tickets, not knowing how long the boys would sit. We saw a good one at SDC and they loved it. Next time we will have to hit more shows.

Bozo was an amazing "Balloon Artist" as he called it.

Rode the ducks--Jack getting his turn to "drive"

Miniature golf

condo swimming

A couple of years ago Tyse made up a few words. Zubbo, Ziggy and Higgy. We still have no clue what any of them mean or what they are. Andrew was happy to find this restaurant with the GPS, so we told him to go in front of it and act like a ziggy. So here you are- Tyse acting like a Ziggy in front of Ziggies cafe.